Top 5 Free Websites to get Stock Images, Photos, and Videos for Your Social Media Contents

|   07 May 2024

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Finding High-quality photos and videos for your Social media content like posts, reels, and other long-form content will be challenging, but there are websites to provide royalty-free content and licensed Images and videos for free.

These are my 5 favourite free websites that provide the best resources for my video creation process. These pages have never failed me in getting my assets very quickly and better. 


Description: A big collection of 4.4 million stunning free images and videos that you can use anywhere. No attribution is required. Search for the desired kind of image you are looking for and get it in a few seconds!

Pros: High-quality content, and a diverse range of visuals.

Cons: None reported.


Description: Over 2 million free high-resolution images and photographs are here. If you are using it for commercial purposes with stock images of people (like “group of people talking”, or “a businesswoman taking a seminar”), this is the right place.
It also includes aesthetic design, street photos, and patterns.

Pros: Exceptional quality, diverse content.

Cons: Limited video offerings.


Description: A big repository of free stock photos and videos just waiting to be explored and downloaded.

Pros: High-quality visuals, no attribution needed.

Cons: Video selection is smaller compared to photos.

Life of Pix:

Description: Life of Pix provides high-resolution, artistic photos with no attribution.

Pros:  Unique shots.

Cons: Limited video offerings.



Description: Kaboompics provides free, high-quality images with color palettes.

Pros: Versatile content, colour-focused.

Cons: Smaller collection.

If you have any other best websites for Stock content, comment us below and we will add to this list if it's cool…!

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