Here are our customers’ most frequently asked questions!

Absolutely, you can link any of your domains, whether they are new or already in use, to your ZBIZ Ecommerce Website.

No. You can buy your domain from any domain provider like google domains, Godaddy, BigRock, Hostgator, etc.. and integrate them with the E-commerce website you created with ZBIZ.

There’s no need to install plugins for Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Whatsapp chat plugins, delivery plugins, SEO, and other store optimization plugins to boost your online business.
At ZBIZ, all of this, and so much more, comes bundled with your Admin Panel at no-extra cost.

You don't need to integrate any other payment gateways because we have already integrated CC Avenue, a highly reputed payment gateway with a proven high payment success rate. To provide flexibility to our users, we offer multiple payment options, including UPI, Credit/Debit cards, and for customers outside of India, additional payment methods are available to ensure seamless and secure payment processing.

We have given step-by-step instructions in the Domain section of your Admin Panel.
However, If something goes wrong, please feel free to email to [email protected] explaining the problem in detail and send us your number if you would like us to call you back and we will be glad to help you fix the same within 24 working hours.

Once you sign up, our onboarding team will handle the entire website setup process from start to finish. They'll also guide you through the entire platform for your reference, empowering you to take full control and responsibility.

No, we will never take a percentage of your sales as commissions at ZBIZ. We have a strict zero-commission policy, which means you keep 100% of your sales revenue. Our focus is on providing a platform for you to showcase your products and connect with customers without any hidden fees or charges.